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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Nikki Reed has a very impressive resume. At the young age of 24 she is a well-known movie & TV actress, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, model and is happily married. Not to mention that her body is fit, fabulous and flawless. Nikki burst onto the Hollywood scene 10 years ago, at the tender age of 14, as she co-starred and co-wrote the controversial movie 'Thirteen'. She found fame again starring in the Twilight saga and is by no means slowing down, as she has four films in the pipeline. 

Nikki was spotted twice in the last week starting her day with a Pilates class in Sherman Oaks, California. The actress debuted some very quirky neon footwear when she departed from her Pilates session. Known as 'barefoot' trainers, Nikki's bright pink shoes added a fun splash of colour to her otherwise all black workout attire. Perhaps Nikki used these sweet sneakers when running her very first half marathon (21 kilometre) run for charity in December. The toned actress & her husband Paul McDonald donned their futuristic sneakers and completed the race in under 2 and a half hours! What a fit chick! 

Nikki informs that this athletic feat was a great achievement for her,as being a longtime smoker she was unable to keep up any level of fitness. 'Smoking kept me from being able to run, swim, hike and participate in sports as I was always out of breath. 'Being active is really important to me because it wasn’t an option before,' reveals Nikki.  'I gave myself a disability by smoking'. As Nikki celebrates her half marathon milestone and three years smoke-free, I'm betting that she has never felt fitter or more toned in her life. 

Besides her running training and regular Pilates classes , Nikki also enjoys hiking, water-skiing and windsurfing and says that she finds running on a treadmill 'boring'.The newlywed likes to follow a vegan eating plan too, calling carbohydrates her friends. 'I eat tons of quinoa, tons of brown rice and tons of avocados. I eat like two avocados a day! I'm all about fuel foods.'

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x Emily

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